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Preparation of a New Cricket Bat

All new bats require oiling. Using good quality linseed oil, apply a single "light" coat of oil to the face, edges and back of the bat and leave to dry for a minimum of 48 hours. It is not necessary to oil the stickered areas. Do not over oil the bat. The oiling provides a barrier against moisture entering the willow and causing damage. Repeat the oiling process for a second and final time before starting the knocking-in process.

The main purpose of knocking in your bat is to harden the face, toe and edge areas to help protect your bat from damage due to miss-timed shots which everybody makes from time to time - the secondary aim is to help develop a good sweet spot. With "UPFRONT" bats we try to achieve a balance between pressing the wood sufficiently hard for protection whilst leaving it soft enough to provide the necessary springiness characteristics required by a cricket bat. The "knocking in" process should be done carefully and with patience.

You can use either a ball mallet or a wooden mallet to simulate the impact from a cricket ball hitting the bat during play. Start by gently knocking and deflecting the mallet against the blade paying special attention to the edges and the toe area of the bat. Always knock in from the front face of the bat. Gradually increase the force of the blows over a period of time until you are using up to a maximum of force comparable to that of a cricket ball hitting the bat in a match. This process should last for about 6 hours.

The next stage involves testing your bat in the nets with an old, soft cricket ball. If deep seam marks appear knock in your bat for a further one hour. Repeat the process until no further deep seam marks appear on the bat. Repeat the above process with new balls until no deep seam marks/appear. Finally your bat is now ready for match use.

It is advisable not to use a new bat during indoor net sessions or on concrete pitches. The ground is often very hard and will increase the risk of damage to the toe of your bat, especially if you try to "dig out Yorkers" or catch the bat on the floor when driving. Damage is caused under these conditions is not covered by any warranty.

Bat Maintenance

During the playing life of your bat treat it with care and attention. Remember poor quality cricket balls and hard plastic composition balls will damage your bat. Avoid using your bats against those types of balls. To prolong the life of your bat apply anti-scuff sheet to the face & fibreglass edge tape to your bat. We strongly advise fitting a toe guard, if one is not already fitted, to your bat. Good quality bat care products are available from the "UPFRONT" shop.

Cricket Bat After Care

At the end of each season lightly sand the blade and apply another light coat of oil. After the bat has dried store under cool, moist conditions to prevent excessive drying of the willow. Do not keep your bat in your car boot for any length of time as this will dry the willow and make it weak. 

Advice On Choosing An "UPFRONT" Bat

YES...it is difficult to choose a bat from an online shop. So to assist you the academy has devised this bat selection guide. This guide has been written by qualified ECB cricket coaches. The size and specifications of all “UPFRONT” bats are closely controlled during manufacture thus maintaining an accurate correlation with this bat selection guide. This guide is specific to – and applies only to – the UPFRONT bat range.


Cricket BatBat Weight

  • The actual weight of a bat is measured in pounds and ounces. A normal adult bat weighs between 2lbs 4 oz and 3lbs 2oz.
  • UPFRONT bats are well balanced and feel lighter than they actually are when picked up.
  • A child’s bat should be lighter than an adults bat if good technique is to be developed.
  • A Good tip is to use your old bat or a friends bat as a weight guide.
  • A good test is to swing the bat with your top hand only, if you can produce an adequate backswing and straight and cross batted strokes reasonably well then the bat is light enough.
  • There is a fashion these days to choose heavy bats.
  • Remember your timing and manoeuvrability may not be as good with a heavier bat. Good timing delivers as much power (if not more) than a heavy bat.
  • All things considered chose a weight you personally feel happy with.


Bat Size

  • Bats come in a variety of sizes and handle lengths vary.
  • A good method is the measurement from the top of the thigh to the ground.

See illustration.

Cricket Bat











How to Apply a Bat Grip

 UPFRONT Cricket How To Apply A Cricket Bat Grip


1.    Place the rubber on the cone with a light coating of talcum powder.

2.    Roll the rubber grip up into a doughnut

3.    Place the rubber grip doughnut onto the cone applicator

4.    Place the thick end of the applicator on to the cricket bat handle

5.    Roll the rubber grip doughnut onto the handle

6.    Roll the rubber grip doughnut down to the bottom of the handle (to the bat shoulder)

7.    Unroll the rubber grip along the length of the bat handle and smooth it down.

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